Real estate development in city center of Turnhout

niefhout_logo_rgb-06The city of Turnhout recently added a new development project to the very popular development site ‘Anco’ with Niefhout. Once again an old industrial site close to the city center is redeveloped to create a contemporary and spacious housing project.

Advertising agency Square (Antwerp) teamed up with The hedgehog to come up with a fresh new logo and branding for this great new landmark. Niefhout consists of a dynamic mix of housing units and retail spaces with lots of green and social spots to create a vivid environment.

Real estate project Niefhout in Turnhout

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The feel good wine shop


About a year ago, entrepeneurs and wine lovers, Philippe & Frederik, took over Mondovino, a well known wine shop in Schoten, near Antwerp. Mondovino is known for its easy going and kind atmosphere. And of course for its excellent wines.

Without losing track of their key values, the two wine afficionados felt the need for a rebrand. We came up with a new logo and colour palet which translates the authentic and friendly character of the shop. A slight vintage feel and a new baseline: ‘The feel good wine shop’ were put in to the new vignet logo.

Since their online shop is an important part of their business we also reviewed the usability of the website and created a new, user friendly webshop.

Calls for a celebration, doesn’t it? Let’s pop out the bubbles!

Bezoek wijnwinkel Mondovino in Schoten

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Splurging with Flint student flats

Flint_single_pagerBeing one of the most important college cities in Belgium, Louvain is always in need for more student housing. That’s why investing in luxurious student flats on an A+ location is a smart thing to do.

Flint is a new housing project in the center of Louvain, close to campus and – at least as important – bars and clubs.

Its main features are the top location in the city center, the beautiful architecture and luxurious look and feel.

Flint got a clean and crisp singe page design, easy to navigate, with the emphasis on its great features.

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There’s going to bee a wedding


Rosalie is getting married to BenoƮt! Their wedding will take place in a small little church in the heart of Provence (France) with only their closest friends and family as their witnesses.
For their wedding invitations they handpicked two colours in which all the prints were to be designed. Rosalie loved the idea of a honey bee and so the little yellow bee became their brand. The newly-to-be-weds asked for the traditional wedding invitations with a save the date, faire-part (the actual invitation) and the invitation (a formal announcement), but in a less traditional design.

By the way, mind the third little bee in between the two love bees: it symbolises their unborn baby …

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Bram Tassier manages and organises construction sites, big and small. He also provides a list of services when it comes to renovating and sparkling up your old place into a shiny and new home. Because of the variety of his professional activities, Bram did not want to limit his new logo to the typical construction symbols. Instead he wanted a clever new logo in a colour scheme that he really loves … The logo is a 3D representation of the capital T and at the same time it resembles a brick or corner stone.

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